Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Second Bourne: Matt Damon Second Daughter

Matt Damon and his wife Luciana, and daughter Isabella and her step sister Alexis were en famille as he was filming the Bourne Ultimatum. Isabella is expecting a sister very soon. She was born June 11, 2006 in Miami. Damon's first born was born with a Sun in Gemini and a Moon in Sagittarius. As noted in an earlier post, her Dad's friend Ben Affleck has a daughter Violet with a Sun in Sagittarius, so these two will also likely always be good friends. Just as husbands and wife's who share moon/sun signs have a good connection, so too children who share moon/sun signs.

Isabella has a step sister Alexis, who is nine. we don't have birthday information on her. We'll keep you posted on Matt Damon's Second Bourne.

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Photo of Damon and Isabella on the set of the Bourne Ultimatum photo
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