Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jessica Alba's Dream Baby Honor

Jessica Alba never liked her ubiqutous 80's name "Jessica" and so has named her daughter Honor.
Scout's Honor.
"Come on, it's a very '80s name, because there were tons of Jessicas in every school I went to. There's something great about having a unique name. It's a part of your identity."

"She has my mouth" notes the name conscious Mom.
Born June 7, 2008 in Los Angeles, Honor Marie Warren's million dollar plus photoshoot appeared Thursday July 17th. Her Dad Cash Warren has a "strange cool name" says the Hollywood Gossip.
Mlle Kiddie tells us that Honor has a sun in Gemini and a moon in Leo. Why are we not suprised about that Moon in Leo? Her Mom has a Leo rising.
Moon in Leo: Warm, sunny, cheerful, and something of a "ham," this child thrives on being the center of attention. She loves having an audience and she is likely to have some boisterous attention-grabbing techniques that are none too subtle, if she feels she is being ignored. "Notice me! Love me! Tell me I'm wonderful!" may well be the underlying message of much of her behavior. She simply suffers if her specialness, her uniqueness, and her abilities are not noticed and appreciated. If she is given any encouragement at all, she will do her utmost to stand out, to be the best. She has a deep inner sense of nobility and pride and she very much needs respect, as well as the love and affection all children require. (Never ridicule or make fun of her, especially in public.) Given plenty of praise and love, no child will be more devoted, adoring, wholeheartedly loving, and affectionate than she is. On the other hand, if she is lavished with adulation and made too much of, she is likely to become rather narcissistic, and to have a lop-sided sense of her own importance, so you will need to achieve a fine balance. There is a natural performer in her, and she needs to have a medium through which to express her dramatic, creative side, a place where she can really shine out. Also, she likes to make her own choices and decisions, and this should be allowed for as much as possible. Try not to engage her in power struggles over matters that are really not so important. She can be intensely persistent and willful!
We don't have the precise birth data for Honor so we will do her Mom's Kiddiegram as we have a birth chart for her.

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