Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Baby Bump for X-Files Gilliam Anderson

And baby bump will make three. Gillian Anderson shown here at her American premiere of The X-Files I Wanted To Believe

Her son Oscar Griffiths was born November 1, 2006 in London with a stellium in Scorpio (Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter) His half sister Piper Maru Anderson-Klotz who was born in the second season of the X files (September 25, 1994, in Vancouver Canada ) also has a strong stellium in the sign of Scorpio ( Venus, Jupiter, North Node and Pluto).

So do we believe this baby will be born nearer Oscar or Piper's birthday? and will this child also be gifted with a stellium in Scorpio? Perhaps all three of Gillian's children will be part of the Stellium in Scorpio tribe!

What is a stellium?
A Stellium is a configuration that occurs when three or more planets are in the same sign or are in the same house. To be truly significant, a stellium should have four or more planets involved. This places much focus upon the affairs ruled by this house and/or the tendencies shown by the sign involved. Strong will power, self-awareness, and a direct stimulation to action will be shown in these affairs

Ooohh..How very X-Files it is for Agent Scully to have kids with intense Scorpio energy!

(Getty Photo taken from an earlier post on Just )
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