Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dark Knight's Heath Leger's Daughter Matilda Rose

Matilda Rose Leger was born October 28, 2005 in Brooklyn, New York. Mlle Kiddie does not have a birth time for her so we are showing a solar chart wheel of this Scorpio Child, daughter of actors Michelle Williams and Heath Leger.

Going through the dark night of the soul so early in her life, Mademoiselle Kiddie is delighted that her fairy godmother (her godfather is Jake Gyllenhaal ) gifted Matilda with a Jupiter conjunct her Sun . The Sun often is considered to represent the father in a child's chart. Her Kiddiegram reveals this about her Jupiter aspects.

Sun conjunct Jupiter (Strength: 2.22)
Matilda is an optimistic soul, and her goodwill and generosity make her very well-liked. She enjoys life, expects the best, and freely shares whatever she has with others. Pettiness and smallness do not appeal to her at all. She can be extravagant and wasteful because she has the inner sense that she will always be provided for, or "there is always more where that came from." She needs to learn to have a sense of moderation and proportion, as she tends to overdo (for example, overeat, overspend, etc.).
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