Friday, July 25, 2008

A Walk in the Park, Harlow at 7 Months On A Set

Proud papa Joel Madden....posted on his blog that Harlow, his daughter with...Nicole Richie, was born at 3:13 PM on January 11,2008 source
Here the family is seen walking in a park in their neighborhood in Glendale.This walk in the park is is as easy for this child as being on a set for the day at the age of seven months.
Why is this little Capricorn Child, with her dreamy Moon in Pisces in the years to come most likely to be more comfortable with the real world like going to work with her Mom, then just pretending to take her doll to work?
Contact Lord Kiddie with the answer in her Kiddiegram by August 1, 2008 and he'll email you a coupon code for a free kiddiegram for your child.
As her Kiddiegram suggests
" she prefers pastimes and playthings that correspond to the adult
world: a doctor kit, a set of miniature tools, small dishes and pots and
pans, building blocks, etc. "
Kiddiegram , Kiddie Star Signs Wheel
source of photo SS/
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