Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Molly Shannon's Mischevious Tots

Molly Shannon (SNL) told Good Housekeeping that her kids were "mischevious," and that she wants to instill in them the values of being "silly and wild."
"My dad grew up as a real trickster, and I passed that on to my kids. They like to think of tricks to play. Once my son put an ice cube under my pillow.

"When they're older, it'll be much more serious. But now I want them to have fun — make mud pies, get dirty, ride bikes."

Comedy, whether physical comedy, telling jokes, or just having a great sense of timing, doesn't seem to come from just one place in a natal chart, but from a combination. Mercury likes to tell the jokes and reflects the nature of one's 'wit', while action-oriented Mars might be the one to know when the time is right to go for it and when it's passed.

If Molly might be raising a family of comedians, let's take a look at their funny bones!

Molly's son Nolan was born with Jupiter's jovial streak, as Jupiter sits right on his south node, which often describes a great deal of our personality orientation from early life onward. People with strong Jupiter signatures tend to have buoyant personalities and quite often more to laugh at and smile about than more serious signs or planets. With Mercury in Aries, he'll probably have a quick tongue, and his Mars in Capricorn can lend an appreciation of sarcasm (Capricorn appreciates droll humor and understated styles).

Stella was gifted with a Scorpio south node, so she may see the funny in the darker and more edgier side of life, but Mlle. Kiddie loves her Mars in Pisces, which will add some whimsy to balance the intensity of Scorpio. Her Mars is right on top of Uranus, so she'll have a knack for seeing the absurd in life. Uranus always adds the unexpected, so paired with Mars, Stella shoots from the hip. She may not know she's about to let 'er rip until the words are out of her mouth!

Birth times and locations for Nolan and Stella are not publicly known, so a noon chart has been cast for each of them, with no interpretation offered on the inaccurate components.

Image of Molly Shannon and husband Fritz Chestnut is licensed under the Creative CommonsAttribution 3.0 Unported license. Credit: David Shankbone
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