Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Jungle Girl" Bindi Irwin 5 Years Later

Bindi Irwin, now 13, has been in the spotlight from a very young age and is now confidently and earnestly continuing her father's legacy.

In a recent and lengthy interview, she shared her thoughts about her father, Steve Irwin, and continuing his work, as well as the broader issues she wants to tackle in her future.

"My Dad was such an incredible person ... when someone like that comes along and leaves such a huge footprint and imprint, you can't just let that die. You have to continue."

Bindi being born in the spotlight is reflected by her south node in the 11th house of the public, as the south node often represents what we carry forward from pre-life or early life, frequently describing circumstances we were born into. Being involved in the world and issues on a larger scale comes with the territory of the 11th house, whether or not fame is involved. But it's Bindi's passionate Aries Ascendant that reflects her 'powerhouse' approach to the world, and Jupiter lies close to the ascendant, in hopeful Pisces, providing the confidence and enthusiasm to continue burning bright and hot in whatever project she undertakes.

"The non-consumptive use of wildlife is a huge issue. But as I get older I want to tackle other huge issues, such as global warming and the human population - which I think is the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about.

I really do think of myself as a teacher, and I think I'm extremely lucky to be able to reach a wide audience. And the more people that want to listen, the better."

Bindi isn't just a teacher, but was born to defend and express what she beliefs in with the fervency of a preacher with Pluto in her 9th house of philosophy. Her dynamic Aries Ascendant and her charismatic Leo Sun and Moon make her full of the fire element, which can set others around them on fire.

Her Venus and Mars are in the sign of Cancer, a sign often concerned with nurture and family, in the 4th house of home, ancestry and family legacy, it's not a surprise that her love (Venus) and her passion (Mars) are directed in the work of her father, but she'll no doubt find her own spin and approach as she gets to know herself better.

Photo: Alex Coppel Source: Herald Sun
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