Friday, November 18, 2011

Model Nikki Taylor Welcomes Baby Number Four: Rex Harrison

Pisces Supermodel Niki Taylor's cup overfloweth! With twin teenage boys, and a two-year-old girl, she and her Leo husband Burney Lamar just welcomed their new son, Scorpio Rex Harrison.

Rex has a nice bit of compatibility with both mom and dad. Dad has a Leo Sun, which resonates with Rex's Leo Moon. Rex will deeply enjoy the attention he is paid, especially from dad, which will bolster his feeling of being appreciated. Leo is also a very playful sign, often physically, so one can imagine this daddy lion and his cub having a great time wrestling.

Mom's Moon, as well as her North Node and Neptune, is in the sign of Sagittarius* and Rex has Mercury, Venus, and the North Node in the sign of Sagittarius, making a nice match with mom. They're both learning a similar lesson in this life: the "just go for it" attitude of carefree Sagittarius. Mom's Jupiter in faith-filled Pisces forms a supportive trine to Rex's Sun, so she'll be a great source of encouragement as Rex discovers who he is and who he wants to grow up to be.

Congrats to this beautiful family!

*Niki Taylor's birth time is not publicly known, but the Moon remained in Sagittarius almost all day on the day of her birth, so it is highly likely she has a natal Sagittarius Moon. If not, it would be a Capricorn Moon, a nice match with baby Rex's Capricorn Rising.
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