Monday, October 12, 2009

Sagittarius Mom Katie Holmes Chooses Catholic Pre-School

Sagittarius Mom Katie Holmes was raised Catholic. Her husband Tom Cruise is staunch follower of Scientology but he has agreed to let Suri go to a Catholic pre-school in Boston where the family is living while Cruise is filming thriller Wichita.

Cruise was raised Catholic but converted to Scientology in 1990. Suri's maternal grandparents are devout Catholics and in fact her grandmother flew in for her first week of pre school at Catholic Charities Yawkey Centre for Early Education and Learning in Boston.

Here is little Aries Suri's Kiddiegram . Her Mercury is also in Aries conjunct her North Node in the first house.

North Node in the First House

Suri's path in life requires that she focus on pursuing her own personal interests, desires, and inner directives. She must resist the pull of excessive concern over other people's approval or disapproval of her. Suri is meant to be a solo act, and therefore the more she concentrates on her own development (whether material or spiritual), the more she fulfills her destiny. She makes a contribution to life by focusing on her own individuality and being herself as fully as she can, even if this appears egotistical or overly self-involved to others. As a parent or caring elder in her life, you may be able to encourage her along these lines by paying attention to what she is drawn to and allowing her to go her own way.

Recent photos of Katie and Suri in Boston from

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