Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mom Heidi KlumAdds Libra Lou to Patchwork Family

Lou Samuel was born around 1 am in Los Angeles on October 9, 2009. She has three siblings two brothers four year old Henry and two year old Johann (who turns three in a month) and and an five year old sister, Leni (Helene)

Lou is Klum's first daughter with Seal, her first daughter Leni's father is Flavio Briatore although Seal has raised her since her birth. "Seal is Leni's father"says Heidi. The "patchwork" family concept has been embraced by Klum. "I'm not white I am a shade of brown..we're all different shades and we came together and we all love each other it's actually kind of nice to have a "patchwork" family.

Mlle Kiddie will be working on Lou's Kiddie Star Sign Chart Wheel and will post it soon.

earlier post: Gemini Mom Heidi Klum To Become Mrs. Samuel.

If you have a child born on Lou's birthday (October 9, 2009) contact Lord Kiddie at Kiddiegram and he will have Mlle Kiddie do a Deluxe Kiddiegram for the birthday twin when Mlle Kiddie returns from traveling.

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