Sunday, October 25, 2009

Leo Step Mom Sandra Bullock May Be Full Time Mom to Capricorn Sunny

Leo step mom Sandra Bullock has been raising her Aries husband Jesse James, little Capricorn daughter Sunny (born January 1, 2004) while Sunny's mom was serving time in prison for tax evasion. Her husband also has two kids with his first wife Karla who Sandra has enjoyed being a step mom to, James' daughter Chandler and son Jesse.

The couple is said to be seeking permanent custody of five year old Sunny. Her Mom Janine Lindmulder a Scorpio will be in a residential facility after completing her prison sentence.

Mlle Kiddie does not know the place or time of Sunny's birth. The guesstimate solar chart for the little five year old is calculated for Long Beach where her Dad's West Coast Choppers is located.

Her Dad left her Mom when Lindmulder was eight months pregnant. Sunny's birth place was near enough to visit the day she was born.
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