Saturday, August 01, 2009

Libra Moon Jude Law's New Baby To Be Libra

Capricorn Jude Law met ex-wife Sadie Frost on the film "Shopping".

They were married for six years and have three children, Rafferty (October 6,1996) Iris (October 25, 2000) and Rudy Indiana Otis (September 10, 2002). The couple divorced in 2003 and final settlement was reached in 2005.

Law had a brief involvement with model Samantha Burke when filming Sherlock Holmes
which lead to the baby now on board, whose expected delivery is on his son Rafferty's 13th birthday.

Law has a Moon in Libra. As does his stepson Finlay Monro, the son of Sadie and her first husband Gary Kemp. Finlay was born September 20, 1990. On the cusp of Libra and Virgo his sun is in Virgo. has the whole story. The baby is a girl.
The mother has announced the name "Sophia" on the gift registry on Babies" R" Us. Sophia is expected to arrive on Rafferty's birthday.
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