Sunday, August 23, 2009

5 Things You Don't Know Aabout Leo Mom J Lo

In the current InStyle anniversary issue, Jennifer Lopez graces the cover (and appears in an InStyle video ) and talks about her life. She mentions that having children changed her life.

"There's you before kids and you after kids " and that she feels no need to get back to the studio to record. She just finished filming a romantic comedy, the Back-UpPlan a reel lifestory that reflects elements of her real life as a mother of fraternal twins ( Max and Emme born February 2008 under the sign of Pisces)

The twins were born with their Moon in the sign of Virgo in the tenth house.

Mlle Kiddie notes this about Moon in the Tenth House

Max and Emme tend to idealize their r mother and to model themselves after her in significant ways. Under this powerful influence, they may follow in their mother's footsteps in their career and in other life choices.

Emme's Kiddiegram Celebrity Kid Star Chart Max's Kiddiegram / Celebrity Kid Star Chart (What's a Kiddiegram? Get Your Gram!)

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