Thursday, July 30, 2009

Taurus Grandmother Taurus Mother Neverland Kids

Katherine Jackson was born May 4, 1930 in Alabama. The grandmother of Michael Jackson's three children, she was awarded custody the world learned yesterday. The birth mother of the two oldest children Paris Michael 11 and Prince Michael 12, Debbie Rowe, born May 14, 1958 received visitation rights.

Taurus is a zodiac sign associated with the earth and material security.

The children's best interests and not money entered into the decision.

The children will be growing up Jackson.

Although not all details have been worked out, Rowe got visits and not more cash. Nothing is more determined than a Taurus and it seems both mother and grandmother were on the same page. The reality is that the children (shown here in 2002) have female figures that are both born under a sign ruled by Venus.

The situation given Katherine's age is not surprising. Psychologists chosen by both women will determine the visitation schedule as the children begin to be reintroduced to their birth mother. Her Moon is in Aries conjunct Venus.

Taurus sun signs are generally affectionate and patient. Of course other factors
enter the mix (moon and rising signs to say nothing of aspects between planets) but they can give a stability that may be just what these children will thrive best with having lost a father, that in his daughter Paris' words was "the best daddy in the world".

The children have been with their grandmother at the Jackson family compound in Encino since their pop singer Dad died, and have been taken care of by Katherine as well as their Aunt Rebbie. Earlier speculation that their Aunt Janet (another Taurus) would be raising them was wrong.

Taurus seems to be in the cards for these kids. (Taurus Greetings Card from Cafe Press)

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