Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Reel Life/Real Life Lovers Expecting A Baby

Taurus Oscar winner Penelope Cruz and Pisces co-star (Vicky Cristina Barcelona) Javier Bardem are expecting a child. The fellow Spaniards are shown here in a movie still from that movie for which Cruz won an Oscar for best supporting actress.

The real life lovers filmed their first movie together in 1992. Javier has a moon in Leo and Cruz has either a Moon in the sign of Cancer or Leo (both charts from Astrotheme are without precise birth times.

Mlle Kiddie suspects that Cruz has a Moon in Cancer which means she'll be a nurturing type Mom.

It's the zodiac sign most associated with motherhood. In a recent article in People she notes that "I have a tendency to mother everyone around me"

Although she also noted in this article that "I want to have babies one day (even though it was a July issue) but not now." She also noted she believed in love, families and children. The article was titled "Kids Si, Husband No"

Cruz is four months pregnant.

It was announced just five hours ago on Chron Entertainment based on an exclusive yesterday to Just the site that first revealed the story yesterday with an exclusive interview from a source who noted:'Penelope is about four months pregnant, she's really healthy and will make a good mother."

Mlle Kiddie suggests that the baby might be a Sagittarius if we start counting from the sign the sun is in ( Leo) today.

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