Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gemini Mom Angelina Jolie Back To Flying

Big News Network has this story about mother of six Angelina Jolie. She's back to flying her private plane which she bought in 2005 for one and a half million pounds. A few children later she's back to her flying lessons. She took her girls Zahara and Shiloh flying on Friday for almost a half hour in California. Pictures of the girls and their flying Mom on Just Jared.

Well, she is an air-sign, with a lot of Gemini, so no surprise
that she likes to fly away! Hard to believe that twins
Vivienne and Knox celebrate their first birthday today.

Photo source of Jolie on wing of her
Cirrus SR-22 single engine plane.
from Daily

earlier post: A Nice Day In Nice: The Second Coming Has Arrived On the birth of the double water twin last year . Vivienne and Knox were born
with their Sun Sign in the zodiac sign of Cancer. Their Moon sign is in Scorpio. While Angie was flying, Brad was seen on his motorcycle. With six kids, it's clear that these dare-devils parents have great backup help!
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