Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lovely Libra Lourdes Leon Request to Madonna

Lourdes"Lola" Leon will turn 13, October 14th. But this lovely Libra, with a Sun in Libra, conjunct her Mercury in Libra conjunct her North Node has been said to spark, if not a reunion, than a civil reconciliation between her Mom and her ex-Guy Ritchie. In the aftermath of their bitter divorce, the pair were always wrangling and bickering and Lourdes had told them in typical Libra fashion that she just wanted them to get along.

Her Mom responded by a new song where she alludes to Ritchie as her eternal love in a new track where she sings about a couple that loved, fought and then loved again.

The couple had been married eight years and have a son Rocco and an adopted son David Banda.
Madonna recently adopted a little girl from Malawi.

Lourdes Birth Data from Astrotheme.

Lourdes Maria Ciccone-Leon Kiddie Star Signs Chart Wheel and Kiddiegram

North Node in Libra
The qualities Lourdes needs in order to succeed in this endeavor are harmony, balance, and learning to appreciate opposing viewpoints. Encourage h
er not to go to extremes, but to find middle ground.

North Node in the Seventh House

Lourdes's life path has very much to do with developing both a sensitive awareness of other people and the capacity to cooperate. She's learning to temper competitive or selfish impulses with a concern for the others around her. Friendships and close partnerships are therefore of paramount importance to her all her life, and she may develop an unusual gift for bringing people together.

Her destiny is really about "us" rather than "me", about finding a balance between independence and harmonizing with significant others in her life. Understanding this, you as her parent or caring elder may encourage her to value her connections to people and to work on resolving conflicts with others when they arise.

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