Sunday, July 19, 2009

Taurus Aunt Janet Jackson May Be Mom To Three

Taurus Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson's sister has played an important role in the lives of her brother's three children in the last few weeks. It appears that the children have asked that their Aunt be given the role of being their Mom. Her Sun sign is in the loving, stable sign of Taurus and her Moon in Aries is conjunct her Venus which conjuncts her niece Paris's Sun in Aries. More importantly, her north node is conjunct her Sun in a stellium with Mars and Mercury which indicates that there is a chance that her destiny might be to be a nurturing parent. Her Jupiter is in the sign of Cancer another indicator of emotional nurturing.

She has recently separated from her long time boyfriend and so it seems that she might indeed be in an emotional place to be a supportive, single Mom for the children who have been shielded from the public for so many years . The children are now 12, 11 and 7. ( has the story)

"A source close to the family said: 'Janet's the family backbone. She's busy caring for the kids,
while trying to cope with her own loss. As everyone knows she and Michael were very close.'

Even without exact birth times, Mlle Kiddie notes that the ties between Janet and her neice are very strongs. As AstrologyCafe notes in a stellar explanation about overlays between charts:

"when we look at interchart aspects, we learn much about how two people in a relationship interact and what kind of impact they have on one another"

This impact seems karmic and destined.

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