Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sagittarian Teen Rocks Capitol: Kid's Inaugural Ball

Tween sisters Malia and Sasha Obama are said to have a say in the lineup for the Kid's Inaugural concert-an event honoring military families and only shown on the Disney Channel which included Disney stars Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers. The sisters had a chance to star gaze after that concert on Monday night with their Mom Michelle who spoke at the event said to be attended by some 14,000. We wrote about the star charts of the Obama girls in an earlier post American Girls. Malia is a Sun in Cancer(impressionable and unpredictable) trine her Moon in Scorpio (emotional depth) and Sasha is a an outgoing Gemini (outgoing and positive and open ) although she seems a little Sagittarius at times as her Sun is conjunct Jupiter.(easy-going and popular).

And what about the teen that just turned sixteen and who E!online says "Rocked the Capitol?"

The Obama girls are fond of the Hannah Montana show so Sagittarius Miley Cyrus was one of their favorites. In fact the night of the grownup inauguration balls they were at their new home in the White House watching Bolt, which stars Miley as the voice of Penny. So it was a Miley Cyrus couple of days for the tweens as they met their favorites behind the scenes, in fact the Jonas Brothers arrived as a surprise at the end of a treasure hunt at the White House Tuesday night. Joe Jonas is a Leo ( August 15,1989 Casa Grande, AZ ) Nick is a Virgo (September 16,1992 Dallas, Texas) and Kevin is a Scorpio (November 5,1987 Teaneck, New Jersey) More on the Jo Bros later. Kudos for the White House staff for making a very special welcome to these first daughters their first night (White) Home Alone!

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Image of Miley :Brendan Smialowski Getty Images taken from e!online.
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