Friday, January 30, 2009

Cute As A Button Knox Matching Caps With Dad Brad

Both wearing matching newsboy caps, "cute as a button" Cancerian Knox Leon Jolie-Pitt arrived in Narita Japan in the arms of his Sagittarius Dad, Brad Pitt. The Pitt-Jolie brood have arrived with their parents for the Japanese premiere of their Dad's film Benjamin Button, although they surely will be with nannies on the night of the opening and not be on the red carpet.
Sun Sign Cancer children enjoy home, and since home is where the heart is, it's good that the six month old is close to his Dad's heart! as Knox and his siblings have a double Sag Dad (Sun and rising in the sign of Sagittarius) Dad that by nature is kinda a traveling man, and a humanitarian globetrotter with six kids.
(Credits: Kimura/ Getty)

Brad Bradley Pitt is a double Sagittarius. With Sun and rising sign (how one appears to the world, one's persona ) in Sagittarius he has his share of a need to travel and share adventure and yet with all his Capricorn planets, which include a Mars in Capricorn which is exalted (best place for Mars, think of a locomotive that never runs out of steam , always stays on track until the goal is reached, the job is done or the city is reached). Because his Mars is in the first house, this colors the Sagittarius Ocean's Eleven persona, get on my motorcycle and speed away he can sometimes project .

Pitt's Capricorn stellium of planets reveal that he has an impressive amount of seriousness, emotional reserve , detachment and aloofness. Luckily for his kids, and most particularly his very emotional twin son, who was born with impressive water (emotional) energy with a Sun in the sign of Cancer and Moon in Scorpio Pitt is a nurturing, domestic, family oriented , supportive guy. This father son dynamic will be an interesting one to observe over the years as they are polar opposites and will teach the other about the strengths they both possess in spades.

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