Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's In The Bag: Hermes Will Go To NY

Gossip Girl's Scorpio star Kelly Rutherford received permission from the LA courts this weekend to take son Hermes to NY while filming for the the next two months. Her estranged husband, German entrepreneur Daniel Giersch will take care of his son while Rutherford is on set. The judge stated that he had to consider "the plan least likely to cause (Hermes) trauma." The couple are expecting a child in June. The star filed for divorce on December 30th citing irreconcilable differences which has upped the custody rights court action.

Little Libran Hermés Gustaf Daniel Giersch's partial star chart (time of birth unknown) indicates that his Moon in Virgo (conjunct his south node) and his sun is conjunct Mars in Libra. Children with Mars conjunct the Sun are energetic and enjoy challenges. They like being first. Librans lenjoy getting their way and yet are always able, like many good judges, able to see both sides of an issue. It looks like Hermes, has managed to win one of the first challenges of his life and is not going to be parted from either his Mom or his Dad.
Since Hermes was known as the messenger of the gods before his name became associated with a high fashion bag we expect that the divorce will be finalized and custody rights "in the bag" before his sister is born. Perhaps she
will be called Kelly after this 1970
vintage Hermés .
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