Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Fire Triplicity Surrounding Seraphina Affleck!

Leo Ben Affleck and his Aries wife Jennifer Garner shared the name of their new daughter yesterday through Garner's rep. The baby, born on January 6th in Los Angeles, was named Seraphina Rose. The "Seraphim" are the "fiery angels" but Violet Affleck's sister is a double earth child, with Sun and Moon in the earth element. She'll be a very grounded and practical youngester, and will be, as all Moon in Taurus children are...very loving.

Her "fiery angels" will be her fire element parents, Ben with his Sun in Leo and Jennifer with her sun in Aries and her fire-sign sister, Violet who has a Sun in the fire-sign Sagittarius. She essentially will have the fire triplicity in her life pumping enthusiasm (Sag) , generosity(Leo) and leadership (Aries) into her life...the Old Testament angel energy of the Seraphim will help this child to learn to soar and quite literally "wing it" through life! (this image taken from which shows a picture from a fourteenth century manuscript which depicts the Seraphim surrounding the divine throne in an illustration from the Petites Heures de Jean de Berry,

Do you know whether you and your family have a a dominance of Earth, Air, Fire or Water energy in your family dynamic? Check it out on Kiddiegram's Easy Element Interactive Section of the website.

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