Sunday, January 18, 2009

Aquarius The Water Engineer with a Leo Sun

The riveting novel Pompeii, recounts the story of Marcus Attilius, the "aquarius" or water engineer newly assigned to care for the immense aqueduct systems at Pompeii.

The Zodiac signs are early brand names, and Aquarius, although technically an air sign, is shown with the glyph of water flowing. Here is a modern version of the glyph on the just introduced, Aquarius Flip Camera which has on it a super-cute graphic of this very individual sign. Kiddiegram Flip Phones are branded with's twelve zodiac signs. Kiddie Star Signs uses these designs for our Star Signs for Celebrity Kids chart wheels and reports.

Although no one can choose their sign, parents can choose a child's name. The name of a celebrity child evokes much interest. 2008 saw Bronx and Zuma, Sunday and Harlow.

Each name "evokes" a feeling, makes a statement, sometimes private. Names like fashions change, we don't see many Marcus Attilius's anymore but forty seven years ago Barack Hussein Obama was not yet a household name.

Today he is known throughout the world as the forty fourth President of the United States. So let's praise those parents who named their son the name they felt would grace his life on this day in history, January 20, 2009. Barack, seems to be the perfect choice to engineer the waterworks of our country with his Aquarius rising!

Name Wire has a great article entitled: 2008 Celebrity Baby Names Find Inspiration From Popular Product Brand Names
My Son, My Daughter The Water Engineer :
Does your child have Aquarius energy? Check out Kiddiegram's free chart wheel and mini report to see if he or she has a Moon, Sun or Rising Sign (Ascendant) in the sign of Aquarius and see brief descriptions of each.
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