Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Hillary, Opps Amy Poehler Mom to Bee!

Happy Birthday! Hillary, Opps Amy, Happy birthday to the first lady of SNL who turns well, it's old enough to be a Mom on Sept 16th. Poehler has announced she is retiring from her virtual star spangled "office" after the November elections to give birth to her first child. We look forward to
having her "take" on having a child.
(Photo: Amy Poehler, left, and Tina Fey at the CFDA awards in June.WireImage)
After she returns from maternity leave, she's not going to go back to SNL but on to her own show. As the LA Times blog pointed out, those of us not lucky enough to be in her playgroup, will have to content ourselves with her animated kid's show The Mighty B" where Amy plays Bessie Higginbottom, the Honeybee Scout who fancies herself a super hero and wants to accumulate like over four thousand honeybee scout one thousand, two one thousand. Happy Birthday, Bessie! Opps!Amy! Mom to bee! (Sept 16, 1971 Burlington MA) With your EXACT Jupiter and Neptune (both at 0 degrees 37 seconds in Sagittarius) in your natal chart we'd say that turning 37 is the start of a completely new high fantastical adventure for you.

With four planets in Virgo, ( Mercury, Venus, Sun and oh my honeybee, Pluto) Amy makes the perfect over-achieving scout/superhero.

Bessie Higgenbottom is determined to be the world's most decorated Honeybee scout. Proudly clad in her uniform every day, Bessie fancies herself a superhero. Go with her on her quest for over 4,000 Bee Badges

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