Thursday, September 04, 2008

Mum on the Dad: Minnie Driver's Baby

Why are we not surprised that Minnie Driver is an Aquarius Sun conjunct Venus. Born January 31, 1970 in London (birth time unknown so Mlle Kiddie has cast a sun on the ascendant chart wheel).

Most other sun signs are pretty predictable and even a cursory reading of a one size fits all Sun Sign horoscope can summarize a basic sun sign stance, not Aquarius (or other sun signs with perhaps an Aquarius Moon or rising sign).

The only thing predictable about Aquarius is their unpredictability.
These independent individuals despite their citizen of the world outlook,
do not follow the herd.. Due any day now, Driver has been
mum on who is her child's father. Of course this baby (said to be a girl)
is clearly going to have a Mum that will treasure her child regardless of their star sign!
And perhaps the baby, due in late August has already been born.

Photo by Michael Williams/Startracks
Update to this story Henry Story Driver arrives.
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