Sunday, September 14, 2008

Piece of Cake, Britney's Birthday Bash for her Boys

Over the weekend, Britney's Virgo sons celebrated their second
and third birthdays respectively in a joint birthday bash that included their maternal grandparents, their aunt Jaime Lynn and her daughter Maddie Briann. Aldridge (earlier post) Celebrity tots coming to the motor-truck and car themed party where Preston and Jayden drove around in cars with personalized licenses included Jenny McCarthy's son Evan, and Gwen Stefani's son Kingston. The boys birthday cake was in the shape of a yellow truck.
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So how will the cousins get along? Maddie chart wheel shows that she has a Sun in Gemini and a moon in Capricon., an earth sign. (here's her Kiddiegram)Preston and Jayden both have suns in the earth sign of Virgo both fall into her second house. So despite or in spite of the family dynamics, these cousins seem to have a down to earth , grounded connection that will have them keep on truckin! through many more birthday bashes. Life for these cousins may indeed a a piece of cake.
To make your Monster yellow truck cake check out this recipe on Monster site.

To check out the Kiddie Star Signs Stats for the Birthday Boys

Jayden (Wheel/Kiddiegram) and Sean (Wheel/ Kiddiegram)
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