Friday, May 25, 2012

Mother Moon: Liv Tyler's Natural Nurture

May is for moms; please enjoy this May spotlight on the astrology of our favorite Hollywood moms! 
Actress Liv Tyler
Cancer Liv Tyler is mom to only son, 7-year-old Sagittarius Milo. There's plenty more to Cancer than playing mom, but Cancer is often called the mothering sign out of a desire to provide nurture, shelter, and loyalty to loved ones, so naturally their own children are perfect candidates to receive their nurturing nature. Not only is Liv's Sun in Cancer and therefore a central part of her identity, but her rising sign is also Cancer, indicating that her outlook is also shaped by this desire to give love and nurture, and protect herself and her loved ones. Cancer rising, when expressed healthily, is a very loving, kind, and gentle energy that radiates. Sometimes Cancer loves so much and so fiercely that they can be over-protective. They can also get so wrapped up in what or who they are loving, that they forget about themselves or forgo their own needs too often.

But lest we think Liv a classic smother-mother, it's important to recognize that she knows the value of independence for herself and her children due to her Capricorn moon. The moon is very significant when it comes to someone's nurturing style, and what kinds of behaviors they might think are loving and nurturing. In Capricorn, Liv will naturally want Milo to learn how to take care of things himself and won't want to coddle him too much as it can create unhealthy dependency. Milo and Liv are fortunate in that they both have Capricorn moons, which is an easy point of compatibility between them. They're both more likely to have the same ideas about how they interpret nurturing behaviors.

While all parents typically go through some sort of internal tug-of-war with themselves about what is too much or what is not enough on the love and discipline scales, this classic seesaw effect is very prominent in Liv's chart. One of her primary concerns in parenting is probably just this: how much to assist and provide and love, and how much to hold back and let her child do it himself. This tension in her is probably one of the things that makes her a great and thoughtful mom!

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