Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother Moon: Jennifer Garner Does it All!

Mother's Day is approaching (May 13th) so please enjoy this May spotlight on the astrology of our favorite Hollywood moms!

Whenever Jennifer Garner is spotted out and about, it's typically with at least one of her three children in tow! Whether it's karate class, dance class, a birthday party or a mom and daughter mani-pedis, Jennifer has proven herself to be a "world-class mom" according to her husband Ben Affleck (and Mlle. Kiddie thinks she's pretty great too!)

multitasking mom
If it seems like Jennifer Garner has to have cloned herself to keep up with three kids and all their activities, you can thank her whopping four planets in Gemini, the sign of the twins, for the mountain of multitasking she seems to accomplish for her three kids Violet, Serafina, and Samuel. Gemini always has something going on (make that two or three somethings) and is often good at juggling their lives. They like to keep it interesting by pursuing many interests and activities, and are always having new ideas. Mars, the planet of action, is one of the four planets in Gemini in Jennifer's chart, so keeping on-the-go is second nature to her. Gemini tends to get restless if it sits still for too long. That's not to say that a mom of three kids couldn't use a nap, to say the least!

The moon specifically correlates with our nurturing style, and Jennifer's Gemini moon reveals she's likely to want to nurture her children especially by listening to what they have to say and offering advice or asking questions that can help them express what they want and need. Helping her kids learn to work through their problems by reasoning them through is one probable way she'll help them gain independence.

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