Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blossom's Late Bloomers

In an interview for Parent&Child magazine, Mayim Bialik (from TV's Blossom and more recently, The Big Bang Theory) talked about her kids, Miles, 5, and Frederick, 3, and whether they might follow in her footsteps as an actor.
"My boys both like to sing and be playful at home, but whenever a camera is turned on them or even if too much attention comes their way, they will stop immediately and blush. That’s not the exact profile of a child actor!"
It came as a surprise to Mlle. Kiddie, then, to find out that 3-year-old Frederick has an expressive Leo Sun in the 11th house of the public - an astrological sign of a born actor! But Freddie has a Virgo Ascendant, so everything in his chart must 'filter' itself through the Virgo lens.

Virgo is not necessarily a shy energy, but it is rather modest and certainly cautious. Freddie approaches the world carefully and thoughtfully, which can curb the sometimes boisterous energy of Leo. Planets in the 11th house are often said to develop later in life, blossoming over time, so it's likely that after Freddie gets a little life under his belt, he'll find his audience, even if it's not on the screen!

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