Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Libra Kids!

The Sun is in Libra from September 23rd to October 23rd this year and Mlle. Kiddie wishes them a happy birthday!

Libra is known as the sign of the scales because a Libra child (or adult) needs to feel in balance, which most often reveals itself as a desire and talent for connecting with others and anticipating their needs in relationship, as well as needing harmony in their environments, whether it be between people or simply the 'stuff' in the room.

Libra children are usually adept at relating to others, and like to do things such as sharing and cooperation. They may enjoy time with playmates more than a more reserved or independent sign may, such a Capricorn or Aquarius, because they are always gauging their actions off others' reactions. They make good friends and respond well to requests about showing good manners or including others, and playing fairly. You may hear a Libra child say "it's not fair" more often than others, again because of the understanding of balance and especially chafing when things feel unbalanced.

Because they are so good at connecting with others, they may have a tendency to defer to others too much, whether it's waiting for them to take the lead, or simply letting other, more assertive children 'have their way', which can have Libra children feeling sad. They often need help and encouragement to speak up about their needs and wishes because they get nervous about confrontation and the possibility that others won't like them if they ask for what they want.

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Libra Sun Kids

Sep 24 David Banda (Madonna & Guy Ritchie)
Sep 25 Piper Maru (Gillian Anderson & Clyde Klotz)
Oct 3 Ramona (Maggie Gyllenhaal & Peter Sarsgaard)
Oct 3 Kal-el (Nicholas Cage & Alice Kim)
Oct 4 Billy Ray (Tim Burton & Helena Bonham Carter)
Oct 7 Harper & Finley (Lisa Marie Presley & Michael Lockwood)
Oct 9 Lou (Heidi Klum & Seal)
Oct 12 Mia Honey (Kate Winslet & Jim Threapleton)
Oct 14 Lourdes (Madonna & Carlos Leon)
Oct 15 Felix (Gillian Anderson)
Oct 22 Mathilda (Molly Ringwald & Panio Gianopoulos)

Moon Kids
Mar 2 Easton Quinn (Jenna & Bodhi Elfman)
Mar 4 Brooklyn (David & Victoria Beckham)
Apr 3 Angel Iris (Melanie Brown & Eddie Murphy)
Aug 31 Milo (Alyssa Milano & David Bugliari)
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