Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Zuma Nesta Rock ... Rocks!

Gavin Rossdale, frontman for the band Bush, recorded and just released their newest album, The Sea of Memories, under a label with familiar name: Zuma Rock Records! Apparently Zuma rocks more than his name on a label, however. Dad says:

“[Zuma] is really into the guitar. If I’m playing he’ll come and jam with me — he’ll sit with me, it’s really fun. He moves his hands up and down. His positioning and charisma are amazing. He’s so relaxed, looks great and he’s 3!”

Zuma's definitely got the planetary goods to be a star! His creative Leo Sun is perched on his Midheaven, the beginning point of the 10th house, which represents the style of the role we play in the world. Whatever Zuma decides to do, he'll do it with the charisma and flair of a Leo.

He'll also do it with the skill of a Virgo. Zuma has three planets in Virgo, including Mercury and Venus in a close conjunction (right on top of each other). While Mercury is usually thought of as the planet of the mind, it also rules the hands. People with Mercury in one of its home signs, Virgo, often have talent with skills that require good manual dexterity. The fusion of Mercury and Venus also indicates a creative mind and a desire to express oneself artistically, in any chosen form.

Dad also mentioned that while their older son, Gemini Kingston, is "into everything now" and "always busy doing things" (true to Gemini form), Zuma has surprised his parents by having "more focus than [Gwen] and I expected." Thank Scorpio rising, which, working with that hard-working Virgo and the persistence of his Taurus Moon, gives him the ability to hone in on what he wants and focus on it to an almost obsessive level! Or, as obsessive as the height of 3-year-old attention span will allow, of course!
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