Friday, September 02, 2011

Alyssa’s Serious Little Dude

Alyssa Milano welcomed her first child with husband, David Bugliari, on the morning of August 31st:

Milo was born while Saturn was in the Moon’s neighborhood; as you can see, they are both very close to Milo’s Libra Ascendant (Saturn right smack on!) The Ascendant is one’s overall approach to life, and how they seem to be to others. With Saturn here, Milo will develop a more serious demeanor. Although his Libra Rising makes him well-versed at knowing the ins and outs of getting along in the social world, he may not be easy to get to know, as his moon, the shy, inner child in us all, is guarded by Saturn and hanging back a bit in the hidden 12th house, with Saturn being more prominent on the ‘stage’ of Milo’s life.

Libra can emphasize a desire to connect with others, but Saturn on the Ascendant suggests a certain amount of self-sufficiency, and his grand trine in earth signs (Sun & Venus in Virgo, trine Jupiter in Taurus, trine Pluto in Capricorn) further suggests self-sufficiency. With Venus and the Sun so close together, it emphasizes the Libra desire to connect with others again, as well as an underlying charm which can soften the sometimes stern or intimidating side of Saturn on the Ascendant. In Virgo (the sign of service) and the 11th house (house of the public and world at large), he will probably grow up to be very thoughtful about ways he can serve others with a strong desire to contribute.

Mars, the planet of our personal will, drive, and action, is in Cancer, which bends an interest toward nurturing, and in the 10th house of public identity and career, he could quite easily become known for his dedication for simply making the world a better place with his own two hands!

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