Thursday, January 15, 2009

Elvis's Greats- Twin Grandaughter's Finley & Harper

Aquarian Lisa Marie Presley, who was called "Injun, Yisa and Buttonhead" by her father, is shown here with her three month old daughters. (picture from Finley and Harper her Libra twins were born on October 7, 2008 in Thousand Oaks, California. This is a guestimate chart wheel for them just to show the planetary aspects and signs the planets are in, it does not reveal the house positions. We do not have the time of their birth. People Magazine has the photo exclusive.

Mademoiselle of Kiddiegram can note this however about their chart wheel aspects. The twin's Mercury, planet of communication is conjunct their Sun:

Mercury Conjunct Sun
Finley and Harper enjoy and need to communicate, and they are apt to be avid talkers from an early age. Expect a continual stream of questions, comments, and conversation on every topic. You may need to encourage them to listen more, as theytends to be the more active, vocal participant in a discussion. The twins appreciates a lively, mentally stimulating environment with plenty to do and think about. Puzzles, word games, and books may be their favorite play things.

Jupiter trine Saturn
As children Finley and Harper are apt to have an unusual degree of maturity, composure, poise, and conscientiousness, which makes them something of a favorite amongst their elders. One of the ways in which they seek to grow is through learning and carrying on a tradition. Useful skills passed on by a parent or grandparent will be highly valued and carried forward by the twins.

It wouldn't be surprising that these girls would carry on the musical traditions of their Mom and grandfather.
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