Monday, January 26, 2009

Addie and Her Daddy: Sag Awards The Baldwins

Aries Dad Alec Baldwin brought his Libra or Scorpio daughter Ireland to the Sag Awards on Sunday to pick up two awards. 'Looking stunning" notes Babyrazzi of his daughter Ireland Eliesse known as Addie. Baldwin's Jupiter is in Libra at 28 degrees conjunct his daughter's North Node in Libra and brings her a lot of luck and she perhaps brings him that Libra poise and balance their Libra connection shows.

Depending on what time Ireland's was born she has a Sun and Moon in Libra or a Sun in Scorpio and a Moon in Scorpio or a Sun in Libra and Moon in Scorpio. Her North Node in Libra at 26 degrees is conjunct her Sun. (The Sun often is symbolic of a Dad in a child's chart wheel) The North Node indicates destiny in a chart wheel and it looks like Addie after many years of not being around her Dad so much because of her parents divorce turmoil, is finding time to relax and bask in the critical success of Thirty Rock, her father's hit show.
The above AP photo shows the teen's hair color matching her Dad's. The normally fair haired beauty usually looks very much like her mother, Sagittarian Kim Bassinger. This new look makes a case for her Sun and Moon being in the sign of Scorpio. In an earlier post, the photo we posted with her Dad Ireland looked very Libra and so Mlle Kiddie posted a Sun and Moon in Libra chart wheel.
Mlle Kiddie has calculated two possible sun on the ascendant combinations for research purposes only, they are guesstimates, without the time of birth. Anyone who knows Ireland personally would know whether she has a Sun in Scorpio (private, intense, charismatic) or a Sun in Libra (balance, poise, charm). With Jupiter in Libra, conjunct the sun and her North Node, whether it's in Scorpio or Libra, she will always appear fairly Libran. And there is always the possibility with her beauty that she also has a Libra rising (which could only be ascertained with the precise time of her birth) However as the first chart wheel reveals, if she was born late in the evening, her Moon is in Scorpio as well.
Ireland's Venus is in Libra so she loves in a balanced way and perhaps has honed this love energy dealing with two estranged parents.
The easiest way to solve "cusp" issues is to calculate a free chart wheel and mini-report from Kiddiegram.If you have precise data for your kids or yourself you can easily determine what "sign" your sun and moon are in regardless of the fact that these luminaries may change signs on the birthday date in question.
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