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Sagittarius Signature Star Child: Armie Heartly Gigandet

Armie Heartly, third child of Cam Gigandet (The Twilight Saga, Easy A) and fiancée Dominique Geisendorff, is our Sagittarius Signature Star Child!

Armie's Sun lies in outgoing and adventurous Sagittarius. With Mercury also in Sagittarius, she will cultivate a love of learning most naturally through experimentation. If she can get her hands on something, her interest is more easily engaged. With both her Sun and Moon in fire signs (Sagittarius and Leo), she's built to jump right in to life rather than sit on the sidelines.

Third-time dad Cam Gigandet
That won't always be easy for her. Saturn lies right next to Armie's Sun in her natal chart, and Neptune forms a tense square to them both. Because the Sun represents how we can build a healthy and confident sense of self, Saturn's restrictive influence can feel dampening to her enthusiastic Sagittarius spirit. However, Saturn represents where commitment and discipline will help bear the richest fruit. 

More from her Kiddiegram:

Sun Conjunct Saturn:
     Armie is quite conscientious and mature, and she takes her responsibilities very much to heart. She expects to work for and achieve on her own whatever she wants, and she does not seek others' assistance or company, even when she would really benefit from it. Because she is rather quiet, contained, and unexpressive, you may not know what is going on inside her, but she is very sensitive to criticism and she needs a lot of warm encouragement to feel good about herself. Do not be too hard on her for her mistakes, as she already tends to be hard on herself. Humor is a good antidote for her often overly serious attitude. 

Sun Square Neptune:     
Armie has a great sense of wonder and muses over the mysteries and nature of the Universe, much more than others her age. She is a dreamer, who needs to be given some concrete direction in helping her find expression for her sensitivity and imagination.

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"Cam Gigandet" by .Atenta.Mira.Dispara.; cropped by User:Sergay - Flickr URL. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Commons.
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