Friday, November 20, 2015

October CeleBaby Roundup Featuring Jack & James Dunham

Jeff Dunham and his wife Audrey welcomed twin boys on October 11th and born two hours apart. Welcome to the world, Jack Steven and James Jeffrey!

Gemini may be the sign of the twins, but Jack and James were born under a Libra Sun, also a sign of duality. They'll no doubt share almost everything growing up, so they'll get lots of chances to demonstrate the Libran qualities of consideration, partnership, and diplomacy! However, they'll each have their particular quirks, of course, and with three planets in meticulous Virgo, they'll have very specific needs and personalities to differentiate themselves, and being born two hours apart, their individual natal charts will differ slightly from each other, including the likelihood of different rising signs.

Ventriloquist and comedian Jeff 
with puppet Walter

A special feature is the conjunction of Mars and Jupiter in the twins' chart. Mars, the planet of action and reaction is tied to Jupiter, the planet of expansion, which can symbolize not only an ability to act freely on what they want to pursue but also an instinct for reacting fluidly and a little more "from the hip" than Virgo alone tends to operate. They'll also probably be a great audience for dad's jokes, letting it rip with quick laughter from the gut!

Mademoiselle Kiddie seconds congratulations to these other happy Hollywood moms and dads:

  • Actress Reshma Shetty (Royal Pains) welcomed her first child with her husband Deep Katdare on October 6th. They named their Libra baby daughter Ariya Eliana.
  • Actress Natalie Zea (The Following) and actor Travis Schuldt (Scrubs, The Boy Next Door) are new parents of a Scorpio baby girl, Reygan Zea, born on October 25th.
  • Actor Mike Myers (Austin Powers) and his wife Kelly welcomed their third child, a Scorpio daughter named Paulina Kathleen, on November 2nd.
  • Actress Melissa George (The Good Wife) welcomed her second child in Paris with husband Jean David Blanc. Their second son, a Scorpio boy born on November 3rd, Solal Samuel Glenn.
  • Actor Jesse Williams (Grey's Anatomy) and wife Aryn Drake-Lee welcomed their second child, a son, it was announced in October. Mum's the word on his name and birthday!
  • Actress Evangeline Lily (The Hobbit, Antman) and partner Norman Kali recently welcomed their second child. No further info has been shared about this bundle of joy!

"Walter (Jeff Dunham Character, 2007)" by Jeff_Dunham_and_Walter_(2007).jpg: Cameron Yeederivative work: User:Zscout370 (Return fire) - Jeff_Dunham_and_Walter_(2007).jpg. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons.
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