Monday, June 18, 2012

When They Were Young: Brad Pitt

While Brad Pitt probably doesn't need any more confirmation that he's #1 dad in his kids' eyes, apparently he's also been named top dad at the Big Daddy awards this year! Before he was a dad, Mlle. Kiddie looks at when he was young.

Brad seemed to be into a little of everything, especially when it came to sports: golf, tennis, wrestling, skateboarding, basketball, baseball (here he is in uniform), you name it! That's no surprise for a double Sagittarius--both his Sun and Ascendant are in active and energetic Sagittarius, so he would have probably wanted to try everything at least once as a kid. It's also no surprise that he tried his hand at journalism--both on the school newspaper in high school, and majored in journalism in college, with the practical, money-making focus of advertising, no doubt due to his four planets in practical Capricorn.

With a wealth of Capricorn, there is much about him that is surprisingly serious, and those closest to him would have seen the side of him that was always trying to do the right thing. While he might have appeared to have that carefree and easy Sagittarian demeanor, he no doubt applied himself to his goals and been a mostly responsible kid. But he would have liked to push the envelope when things got too serious. Rebellious Uranus is in a tense relationship with his Sagittarius rising, so when he found himself taking life a little too seriously, he probably pulled a prank or two to shake things (including himself) up!

This hard-working Capricorn side of him has no doubt come in handy as he's become an accomplished actor in his adulthood, and that Sagittarius outlook to life helps him keep the adventure of life in perspective--something you need with six kids from around the world!

Image of Brad Pitt is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. Credit: Thomas Peter Schulzen

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