Friday, June 29, 2012

When They Were Young: Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is mom to three kiddies: 7-year-old Sagittarius twins Hazel and Phinnaeus and Gemini Henry, who just turned 5 this month. She said in a recent interview that her kids are "starting to get it," the fact that mom is pretty famous. Julia herself grew up with actors; both her parents were actors and. Mlle. Kiddie takes a look at Julia when she was young.

Despite her very public career as an adult, she was probably a rather introverted child. No doubt her parents' profession allowed her a forum to explore her creativity and desire to perform, which comes from her expressive Leo moon. Creativity is heart and soul to a Leo moon. But the classic show-off? No way.

Julia's secretive Scorpio Sun, as well as her Mercury and South Node, are all in her private 4th house of home, family, and inner life, and she has a Cancer ascendant, which accentuates the need for privacy and a need for a sense of being protected against the glare of the world. As a child she probably not mind playing on her own, with her imagination to build worlds and tell stories. It's been said that Julia wanted to be a veterinarian when she was younger--a classic desire for someone with significant Cancer--wanting to love, protect, and heal those vulnerable or in need. Lucky for her public!

Image of Julia Roberts is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. Credit: David Shankbone

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