Sunday, April 08, 2012

Moses Martin Growing Up

Moses Martin, son of actress Gwyneth Paltrow and rocker Chris Martin, celebrated his 6th birthday this weekend. Like many of his Hollywood cohorts, such as Satyana Denisof and Suri Cruise, he was born under the vibrant and active sign of Aries

Growing up as an Aries is about developing a strong sense of self and the courage to discover the world in a way that isn't held back or overly cautious. His moon is in the expressive sign of Leo, so under this double fire influence, Moses is really learning to express himself without worrying about what others think or whether he's stepping on any toes. Moses has a south node in the sign of Libra, so he may have more of a natural tendency to hold back and let others lead and give him a sense of what the social expectations are, so having an unapologetic Aries sun and "here I am, world" Leo moon will help him grow up to feel more comfortable in a starring role in his own life.

Mars, the planet of action and drive and the ruler (having an affinity with) Aries, is in the sign of Gemini, linked to intense Pluto. His drive to explore the world through almost obsessive curiosity is multi-faceted. He wants to know everything, and he wants to know it right now, in a hands-on, experiential way! This combination could work to create a backyard-and-beyond explorer, eager to experience the world first hand with his own senses. He wants  the big answers and keep 'em coming!

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