Friday, April 20, 2012

McCarthy Muses on Son Evan's Dating Future

Jenny McCarthy has a new show starting soon, called Love in the Wild, so she recently shared some thoughts with Parade magazine on her son's dating future and what she predicts for him:
"I can already tell his mannerisms and behaviors with his pretend girlfriends. He'll be ahead of the guys because he's very honest with his emotions and shows affection. So he's got that covered. But he doesn't like it when anyone is sad and disappointed and I'm afraid a girl might play that card."
10 year old Evan has his moon in Leo, which can be a very demonstrative and affectionate sign. Leo moons don't like to hold back or do anything small, but have an emotional energy that is meant to express itself outward. Leos love to shower the ones they love with attention and receive it in return.

Evan also has Neptune opposite his Moon, which tends to reveal a very open heart (sometimes too open!) With Neptune aligns with the moon in any way, intuition, imagination, and creativity can certainly be present in high amounts, but most of all, it can indicate a highly empathetic heart, one who is sensitive to the moods of others around them and can relate sometimes too well to what others are feeling, even if they don't understand why someone may be feeling a certain way. Looks like Jenny knows her son well!

Image of Jenny McCarthy is is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license. Credit: Michael Dorausch

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