Friday, March 11, 2011

Grandma Martha Stewart!

Martha Stewart is officially a grandma since her daughter, Alexis, welcomed a baby girl via surrogate. Pisces baby Jude came into the world early on March 8th, 2011.

It's unclear where baby Jude was born, so Mlle. Kiddie has defaulted to New York City, where mom Alexis lives. She's got a wealth of Pisces planets including the Sun, Mars, Mercury, and Uranus. If she was actually born in New York City, all these planets, as well as Neptune, will be in her 3rd house, which represents the things in our lives that we do to learn and communicate. Her mind will work in Piscean ways, which means this girl will have an incredible imagination.

Not only that, but Mercury, the planet of the mind and learning, is in Pisces and right next to Uranus, which is a planet of innovation. Her mind won't work like a lot of people expect, in linear, A-B-C fashion, but in an open, lightning-quick sort of way. She'll be teaching her mom a thing or two from an early age!

Jude also has an Aries Moon, so she'll be quick to act and react to life around her. Here's more about baby Jude's Aries Moon from her Kiddiegram:
High spirited and lively, this child needs action and she loves to be moving. She is attracted to anything with speed and energy, and to anything that involves challenge or competition (like running a race). She does things quickly, sometimes carelessly, and she hates to wait for anything. She can be very temperamental and impatient if the pace is too slow, and she gets frustrated with herself when she cannot master a task right away. She wants very much to be independent. She also wants very much to win, to be the first, to be the best.

Congrats to Martha and Alexis on their new addition!
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