Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Nahla & Jagger

Mlle. Kiddie is seeing double with both Pisces Nahla Aubry and Pisces Jagger Goldberg celebrating birthdays this week. They were born just a day apart and are turning 3 years old!

Being born only a day apart means their charts will look pretty similar, but while they are both Pisceans, Nahla's moon is in the sign of Cancer while Jagger's is in the sign of Leo, creating a very different dynamic. Pisces kids tend to be imaginative and tender, and as a water sign, they are more emotionally-oriented. Coupled with another water sign, a Cancer moon, Nahla is comforted and gives comfort and love by being protective, probably enjoying lots of hugs and cuddle time, and taking care of her mom, Halle, just as much as she is taken care of. With double water signs, her emotional sensitivity is increased as well as her instinct toward tenderness and kindness.

Pisces coupled with the moon sign Leo, as in Jagger's chart, accentuates the imagination of Pisces as well as the playfulness. Leo is a fire sign and can tend toward the dramatic as it loves to express itself, so Soleil Moon Frye might just have an actress on her hands! She may also likely be a little more dominant of a personality than Pisces may normally be, since Pisces likes to 'go with the flow' but Leo likes to be King (or, ahem, Queen) of all they survey. It is sometimes very easy to enjoy being around Pisces because of their sweetness and easy-going attitude, and with a Leo moon, Jagger probably knows how to lay on the charm, shining from inside without even trying.

Happy birthday, mes cheries!
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