Friday, October 08, 2010

Mary-Louise Parker Sets the Stage

Mary-Louise Parker's 6-1/2 year old son William Atticus looks like he's following in his mom's footsteps. She says:

“My children are putting on shows all day long,” the 46-year-old actress says. “I have a stage in my home actually because I was tired of them using the coffee table and the dining room table. So all day long it’s, ‘Ladies and gentleman, turn off your cell phones.’"

And of her son's creative genius:

“There was a musical the other day called The Absent Spaceman that my son wrote. And he thought the song 'Hello, Dolly' was about Salvador Dalí. I swear to God, my hand to God he did. So he kind of rewrote that and made a paper mustache. It’s really cute.”

Mademoiselle Kiddie does not know William's time of birth, but what we can see of his chart doesn't seem to show that 'a star is born' at first glance. He's got a conservative, practical Capricorn Sun and a keep-to-himself, gentle Cancer Moon. His Scorpio south node shows a flair for a bit of intense drama and his Mars in Aries shows enthusiasm, but where's the bug that gets him to perform on coffee tables and write musicals? Mademoiselle has a couple of suspects:

Venus lies in the sign of Aquarius, and it is in a square to his north and south nodes of the moon, indicating that it is a strong desire of his, as well as a soul imperative, that he express his creativity. In Aquarius, he must learn to allow himself to express freely, with no judgment (self-imposed or otherwise) on whether or not his creative product is good or bad according to some artificial standard, but merely whether or not it brought him joy and expressed something true and authentic from inside of him. Aquarius isn't about fitting in, it's about the freedom to be yourself (and in this case, his creative self). It's involvement with the nodes elevates it's importance in his chart somewhat.

Mercury is in Sagittarius, so he comes with a passion for learning and experiencing, but what's more important here is its conjunction to Pluto. Pluto intensifies anything it touches, and also brings up qualities of the under belly of things. Pluto conjoined with a planet asks "what's really going on here?" Pluto's involvement with Mercury is the difference between smarmy love novels or murderous mysteries, between limericks and dramatic odes, or the playful and innocent tone of 'Hello Dolly' or the disturbing and unusual tone of 'Salvador Dali'. Mercury likes questions, and with Pluto conjunct it, it likes the deep questions, yet in Sagittarius, there is going to be an (edgy) silliness, even absurdity in the way William's mind works.

Mercury and Venus are in a sextile relationship with each other, which means they work very well inside of William and can easily bring out the best in each other. The unique creativity of William's Venus coupled with the silly but penetrating wittiness of his Mercury/Pluto in Sagittarius might find him less on the stage in his life and more behind the writer's desk, shocking and amusing us with his insights!
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