Saturday, September 11, 2010

Danica McKellar Gives Birth to a Dragon

Danica McKellar (known as "Winnie" on the popular television series, The Wonder Years) gave birth to a baby boy Tuesday night and named him Draco, after the constellation Draco, the Dragon, which is found hovering close to the north star, Polaris, and falls between Ursa Major and Ursa Minor. This constellation has been sometimes seen as a snake or serpent as well.

Bernadette Brady says in her book, Brady's Book of Fixed Stars: "In 2700 B.C., when it occupied the pole position, the Dragon rotated around the 'unmoving point of the world' like the hands of a clock, in a reverse direction, guarding its center." Dragons have been long seen as guardians of great treasures such as sacred golden applies, rowan berries, or gold and jewels.

Baby Draco has three planets in Virgo: Sun, Moon, and Mercury in Virgo. Draco will always have a strong urge to improve himself and constantly grow, and probably have a strong curiosity with Mercury so close to his Sun and Moon, which are some of the strongest planets in a chart in general.

When the Sun and Moon are conjunct each other, there is often an instinct for nurturing which is especially true for Draco since his south node is also in Cancer, a nurturing and protective sign. Perhaps there's some of that 'guardian' instinct showing through!
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