Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Katie's Light Suri

"I love being a mom. Suri comes to the set with me...She is amazing and it's really fun to share making a movie with her. She brings so much to it."

"She is such a light that you instantly feel better."

So says Katie Holmes of her 4-year-old daughter, Suri. It's no surprise that her daughter makes her glow, moms all over the world know that feeling. But astrology reveals just how bright that glow is!

Synastry is an astrological technique that compares one chart to another chart, to see how two people will get along and the effect they have on one another. It's common to see family patterns in the natal charts of parents and children of some kind.

The Sun is the planet that is most central to our sense of overall well-being, sanity, and vitality. It's where we shine and makes us glow. The Sun's warmth sustains life on this planet, and it's very similar to what it does for us in our natal chart. It's like the power center, or the battery, that keeps the whole system running.

In Katie's chart, her Sun is in Sagittarius, in the 5th house, so she naturally glows when she's creatively expressing herself in an uninhibited and playful way, allowing herself to just surrender to the moment in front of her and throw herself in wholeheartedly, being very engaged. The 5th house is known as the house of children, among other things, because children exhibit this behavior of playing and surrendering to the moment naturally.

In this case, the light of the Sun being lit up by her child in the 'house of children' can be taken quite literally! Suri's Moon lands right on top of Katie's Sun, so the Suri nurtures (Moon) Katie's sense of well-being and vitality Sun). Suri's presence naturally brings out Katie's playfulness and ability to express herself freely.

Suri's Jupiter also lands right on Katie's Venus. Whatever Jupiter touches, it expands and opens up, so Suri 'opens up' Katie's Venus. When someone connects to our Venus, we feel charmed by them and naturally attracted to them.

Sounds like Suri's got Katie wrapped around her little finger!
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