Friday, March 26, 2010

New Kid Joey McIntyre is Optimistic About his 'New Kid's' Hearing Trouble

New Kids on the Block member Joey McIntyre and his wife Barrett got their own new kid for Christmas. Rhys Edward was born in December of 2009 and was diagnosed just two days before Christmas with hearing condition that required Rhys to be fitted for hearing aids just a month after he was born. The hearing aids have made a difference, but Rhys is undergoing speech therapy to learn how to process sounds.

Rhys has a Leo Ascendant and Mars right on it, which indicates a growing desire to leap right out into life and a strong resilience. Both his Ascendant and Mars make a trine to his optimistic and adventurous Sagittarius Sun in the 5th house. This kid is going to like to have fun and is not going to be happy letting anything get in his way or convince him he can't do or have something if he wants it! 

Mercury rules our communication style, voice, and even hearing since that is a primary tool we use to enable communication and learning. In Capricorn, Rhys will benefit from the discipline he be learning naturally through the effort required in speech therapy, for example. With his Sun and Venus close together in Sagittarius and many planets in his 5th house, he is not likely to suffer too much from any social stigma that may go along with wearing hearing aids or having hearing trouble. He has such a desire to connect in friendship to others (Venus and the Sun) and loves to have fun and play (5th house), so he's likely to always be surrounded by those who are inspired by his attitude and love to have fun with him.

Not to mention Jupiter, the planet of 'luck' (among other things) is in his 7th house of relationships, in Aquarius, where it sometimes pays to be different if one has the courage to own their uniqueness rather than feel embarrassed or out of place by it. Rhys will need to work with this a little bit throughout his life, since we see a square (a tense relationship) between his Sun, the planet of identity, and Uranus, the planet of individuality.

Ultimately nothing's gonna stop this kid! As he grows, he'll come out of his shell more and more. His south node is in Cancer in the 12th house, which reveals a sort of predisposition toward protectiveness, tenderness, and caution - hanging back a bit and just chilling (as his parents have already observed) but his chart shows he's got a soul desire to spread his wings and soon he'll be a little daredevil. We may even ultimately see him contributing to the healing of others in a real way, as he fulfills his north node's (Capricorn, 6th house) desire to serve others in a meaningful way, and uses his natural empathy for others (south node in Cancer, 12th house as well as the asteroid Chiron in Aquarius in his 7th house of 'others') to maybe even help to provide others in need with the rights they deserve, like others with disabilities such as his own.

Photo credit: Alison Dyer/People
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