Sunday, March 07, 2010

Easton Quinn Monroe Elfman: Welcome to Hollywood!

Jenna Elfman and husband Bodhi welcomed their second son, Easton, on Tuesday, March 2nd. The couple already have a 2-1/2 year old son, Story Elias.

One of the most striking things about little Easton's chart is his full 12th house. He's got 5 planets in the sign of Pisces and most of them in the 12th house, which amplifies the influence of Pisces. From Easton's Kiddiegram:

Sun in Pisces
"Easton is a dreamer who may bring back from his fantasy world the inspiration for artistic, poetic, or musical creations, and you will find that he can happily spend many hours immersed in his own private world. (He may often seem distracted or vague, as if he is not fully present: he is listening to the muse!)  Provided with the artistic materials and exposure to positive cultural events (concerts, plays, and so forth), he may well blossom into a fine artist himself. Theatre and music especially appeal to him, even if he is not inclined to perform."

With his Libra Moon, an artistic sign itself with a love of beauty and a natural sense of balance, Easton will no doubt enjoy some form of art and excel at it, whatever the medium. His Mars in Leo also confirms a desire to express something from deep within and to give it form, and Jupiter so close to his Sun indicates he will always identify (Sun) with the feeling of potential and endless possibilities (Jupiter). His drive for this kind of exploration will often take him inward rather than outward, into his imagination. What he finds there will be the fertile soil for what he expresses outward.
The challenge for Easton will be coming out of his shell. So much of his life will be lived behind his eyes and mind, focused more on his internal journey than what the outside world holds for him. With his north node in Capricorn in his 10th house, he's definitely here to contribute a great work to the world, but it will take him a great deal of time and support for him to blossom at his own pace, leaving the comfort of the inner haven to step out into the world and share his gift. 

With Aries Rising, it will be helpful for Jenna and Bodhi to encourage him to stretch himself into the world in a way that doesn't feel like pushing, but posing it as a challenge that he can answer himself, to best himself and see what he can do when he dares.

Congratulations to the Elfman family!
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