Friday, March 19, 2010

Dr. "Grandpa" Phil: Welcome Avery!

'Dr. Phil' McGraw and his wife Robin welcomed granddaughter Avery Elizabeth late Thursday night in Los Angeles. He tweeted that he was 'way excited' and blogged 'The Granddaughter Cometh,' inviting fans to give advice and suggestions for what his granddaughter should call him and his wife.

So will Avery walk in her Grandpa Doc's footsteps?

Whether or not she does, they are likely to have a strong bond and he a strong presence in her life. His Sun falls on her Midheaven, which can give her a feeling of him being her mentor. It will be important for Grandpa Phil to carry that role lightly and with compassion, however. Avery carries in her a great sensitivity, with her Pisces Sun only one of many indicators. With many planets, including her Sun, in the 4th house, her early environment will have a tremendous impact on her subjective view of the world. With Phil's Saturn, Sun, and South Node in Virgo, he may have a tendency to come across to Avery as too critical, even when he is only trying to help her find her way, if he doesn't remember to temper his counsel with almost an overdose of love, compassion, and patience. Avery will need to hear loud and clear that she is loved and protected so that his counsel and advice can encourage her rather than have her feeling cut down.

Avery and Phil also share a moon sign, Taurus, and their moon positions are almost right on top of each other. This can indicate a strong emotional bond, and since the moon has a great deal to do with who we trust and feel safe with, this is another indicator that if Phil is very active in Avery's life, their bond and influence on each other will be quite strong. Other factors in their chart connections reveal that Avery may be very good at teaching Dr. Phil how to play, have fun, and relax. 

Congrats to the McGraw family!

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Photo: Bauer Griffin
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