Monday, February 09, 2009

Out Of The Woods: Tiger Has First Son

Hard driving Capricorn Tiger Woods first son Charles Axel was born February 8, 2009. The Sunday birth was announced early Monday on Tiger Woods web site.

Charlie has a Gemini sister Sam (June18, 2007 born in the early morning in Orlando, FLA) with a stellium of planets in Leo (Saturn, Moon and Venus) Since Moon in Leo children enjoy being the center of attention, Charlie will be probably introduced as "Sam's new little brother Charlie" for a while until she recognizes that he'll be in the family permanently!

With his stellium of planets in Aquarius and Sun conjunct his North Node, Charlie is destined to be highly individual. He shares the same Moon as his older sister, Leo, so both kids will share the spotlight together
and understand each other emotionally. Mlle Kiddie does not have a time of birth for Charlie and is doing a guesstimate chart wheel as she is assuming he was born like his sister in Orlando.

To see how an earth sign father (Capricorn) will get along with his air-sign son (Aquarius) and air-sign daughter (Gemini) check out Kiddiegram's Parent/Child Interactive.

It's super easy to check out any parent/child combination on this on-line kiosk.

Tiger Woods Chart Wheel Tiger Woods Kiddiegram Report
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