Monday, February 02, 2009

Off to the Circus For Britney's Boys

Sagittarian Britney Spears wants to bring her sons on the road with her for her Circus comeback tour set to begin in March. After amicable almost 50 % co-parenting with her ex-Kevin Federline, the decision to set Sean Preston and Jayden James up in three cities (New Jersey, New Orleans and Los Angeles) for the duration of her tour reportedly hit a snag which has now been resolved says, citing an entry on Spears blog.

The agreement that had been crafted with the boys paternal grandfather and the boys parents had been blocked by Federline's legal team. Britney, who is to pay Federline more than $4000 for every week she was on tour and pay for housing for her ex. was said to have been considering to threatened to cancel the tour but her blog indicates that this isn't the case.

So do circle your calendars it seems that the two fire signs, Brit (Sagittarius) and Kevin (Aries) decided not to burn their bridges before the circus caravan's wheels begin to roll.

Although both boys are Virgo's celebrating their birthdays two days apart, Sean has a Sagittarius rising which might allow him to handle the road trip life for a month with more ease. His brother, with his Cancer rising and Moon in Taurus might need more permanence in his surroundings. Perhaps his permanence at the age of two is his three year old big brother! The tour begins March 3 in New Orleans and ends April 28th in Chicago.
To see how they might enjoy the three ring circus or life under the big top on tour check out their grams.
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